Water Heater Installation


If your water heater is beyond repair, it’s likely you’re in need of professional water heater installers. At TLS Plumbing and Drain, we know having a properly functioning water heater is essential to your daily routine. When the installation of your new water heater is done correctly by our certified professionals, you can trust it will work properly for years to come.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional service, which begins with helping our customers choose the right make and model for their property.

Water heater installation by professional installers in Vancouver WA by TLS Plumbing and Drain.


Different Types of Water Heater Installations

Because of the many different types of water heaters available, it’s important to consult with our certified technicians in choosing the right option for your property. Commercial and residential properties likely require different types, and even the size of your household can affect which version is best for your circumstances.

We can help you better understand the options available to you, including the following types:

  • Tank-equipped water heaters: This traditional water heater contains a metal tank that varies in size depending on the amount of people residing in the property.
  • Tankless water heaters: This option is increasingly popular for being highly efficient and a space-saver.
  • Electric water heaters: These are often less expensive and easier to install than gas water heaters, but typically cost more to operate.
  • Gas water heaters: Highly recommended by plumbers, gas water heaters heat up water quicker than electric versions and can function in a power outage.

Professional Water Heater Installers

At TLS Plumbing and Drain, we know it can feel like a hassle having to decide on a new water heater to install. Let our expert water heater installers take the stress away by providing you with exceptional service from the initial consultation to the installation and maintenance. Our years of experience will ensure your water heater is installed quickly and efficiently, and our knowledgeable plumbers will run tests to ensure the water heater functions properly.

If you’re in need of reliable water heater installation, call us today to set up an appointment!