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Long gone are the days where guessing and digging was the answer to sewer line locating. This method is not only backbreaking and annoying but also has the risk of causing damage to fiber optics and other underground utilities. If your sewer line needs work, finding the exact location is extremely important as making a mistake when it comes time to dig can be costly and troublesome. When you need sewer line locating services in Vancouver WA it’s time to call the plumbing professionals at TLS Plumbing and Drain.

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Sewer line pipe locating services in Vancouver WA by TLS Plumbing and Drain.

Sewer Pipe Locating in Vancouver WA

For sewer line locating you can count on, TLS Plumbing and Drain uses cutting edge video technology to find its precise location without laborious digging or other primitive mainline locating methods. A plumbing professional will simply place a camera down into your pipes, and this will identify the exact spot of the sewer line. Additionally, this will also provide insight into the condition of your sewer line giving you the upper hand when it comes to resolving the issue. You will save time and money when you choose high tech sewer line locating services offered by TLS Plumbing and Drain.

Some folks in the greater Vancouver WA area may insist that educated guessing on where the main line is located using official documents such as blueprints is sufficed when it’s time to repair the line. Video sewer line inspection costs no more than $200 making the service a minor investment to make sure the job is done correctly and swiftly, especially if the line is suspected to be close to a sidewalk or city street. Digging up public ground can be risky and get you in much trouble. Get with an experienced plumber with TLS Plumbing and Drain to help you create a plan that will get your main line running like new again quickly and without a hitch.

Sewer Line Locating in Vancouver WA

Sewer line and mainline locating services are also highly beneficial for commercial and residential remodels. Perhaps you want to construct a free-standing structure on your property or add a room to your home, whatever your needs a plumbing professional will be happy to help.

When you choose TLS Plumbing and Drain for mainline locating services, you are getting dedicated professionals passionate about doing a job well done. You will notice our team is professional, courteous, punctual, and positive. If you live in the greater Vancouver, WA area including Battle Ground, Salmon Creek, and Brush Prairie, TLS Plumbing and Drain is just one phone call away. Don’t risk making your plumbing problems worse and let a reputable plumbing pro help you fix the issue now.

Should you so choose, TLS Plumbing and Drain has the expertise to also perform sewer line and mainline repair once the location has been identified. This way you only need to hire one company to fulfill all your plumbing needs. If you want your sewer line repaired by credible plumbers in the community, you have come to the right place. Using the latest in advanced plumbing technology, your sewer line will be pinpointed accurately than your repairs will be conducted shortly thereafter. Take the guesswork out of sewer line repair and get your plumbing system working as it should today.
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Sewer Line Locating in Vancouver WA and Longview WA

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