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Septic Tank Decommissioning

Decommissioning an Abandoned Septic Tank

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A septic tank that is no longer in use is a safety hazard for several reasons. Over time, people tend to forget that the tank is there, and it can collapse. If an abandoned septic tank has a rotten lid or is missing a safety cover, the weight of a human or animal walking over the area can trigger a collapse. This can cause injury and even death to the person or animal. If you suspect, you have an abandoned septic tank or need septic tank decommissioning service call TLS Plumbing and Drain

Septic Tank Decommissioning Process

The first step in disconnecting a septic system is getting the proper permits from the local authorities. This process varies by region. Next, in the septic tank decommissioning process is finding the tank itself. Usually, the septic tank is found ten feet straight out from the main draining point of the house. Sometimes, the tank can be found by looking at old records of the house or consulting a neighbor that has lived in the area for many years. TLS Plumbing and Drain has a proven track record for taking care of decommissioning septic tanks efficiently.
Septic Tank Decommissioning in Vancouver WA by TLS Plumbing and Drain

Safe Septic Tank Decommissioning

In addition to the danger of an abandoned septic tank caving in, the build-up of methane gases in an old tank can cause an explosion. In short, it’s critical that safe septic tank decommissioning be done.

Because this is a complicated and dangerous job that often involves using specialized tools, disconnecting a septic tank is best done by a professional contractor.

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Disconnecting a Septic System

Disconnecting a septic system involves removing the old lid of the tank. Often, this requires a backhoe since the lid can be quite heavy.

Sometimes in the process of septic tank decommissioning, it is discovered that there is waste still in the tank. The waste must be pumped out, and this is generally done by a contractor with a special pumping truck.

Clearly, disconnecting a septic tank is much more than complicated than just unhooking it from the main drain of the house.

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Septic Tank Removal and Filling in the Area

Next in the process of disconnecting a septic system is either taking out the old tank completely or filling it up with rubble. If the old tank is being totally taken out, it must be removed with power equipment.

Often, the old tank is crushed and simply put back in its old hole, or it can be disposed of elsewhere. The next step in this method of septic tank decommissioning is filling in the hole with dirt, gravel or some other type of rubble.

If the tank is being left in place, then it must be filled in totally with dirt or rocks, and its cover and lid must be securely fastened. No matter how it is done, disconnecting a septic tank can be tricky. Your best plan of action should be to call a professional to evaluate your specific circumstance and resolve it in a timely manner.

TLS Plumbing and Drain will help solve your problems when it comes to decommissioning your septic system.

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Septic Tank Decommissioning in Vancouver WA and Longview WA

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