Sewer Line Jetting – Sewer Line Cleaning & Unclogging


Sewer line jetting is a commonly used technique for drain cleaning for unruly clogs and is a great alternative to sewer line replacement. This method of pipe cleaning is cost effective, long lasting and highly efficient as it streams high-pressure water into your pipe, clearing out grease and built up debris quickly.

Here at TLS Plumbing and Drain, our team of highly trained professionals can assess your drainage issues then provide you with a service plan to cater to your specific needs. We proudly offer the latest technology for all your drainage problems and offer our services at an extremely competitive rate.

Sewer line jetting, cleaning services to unclog pipes in Vancouver WA by TLS Plumbing and Drain.


What Is a Sewer Jetter & Can It Save Me From Sewer Line Replacement?

A sewer jetter is a uniquely designed pressure washer that emits streams of high-pressure water through a specialized nozzle that is successful in breaking up problematic clogs from far distances. TLS Plumbing and Drain owns a sewer jetting machine that can to handle just about any clog or obstruction out there when it comes to sewer lines. Before you replace your sewer line, give us a call, many times we can save you thousands of dollars with a high-pressure sewer line cleaning.

What Are The Benefits of Sewer Line Unclogging?

This service is successful in unclogging even the most difficult and challenging clogs. At times when you may need a sewer line replacement due to a problematic clog, sewer jetting may be a considerable alternative. It is also capable of cleaning any size pipe, regardless of diameter.

With a proper video inspection, we can determine whether this service is ideal for your situation.

How Much Does Sewer Line Jetting Service Cost?

This service is very cost effective, yet the cost is determined by multiple factors, such as distance and length of pipe to be jetted and the extent of your clog. Please contact us today for additional information on pricing for this service.

Professional Sewer Line Cleaning & Jetting

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